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12th National Women’s Convention Highlights

  • The 12th National Women’s Convention will be held July 13-15, 2022, Waycross, GA with National Mother, Dr. Effie Lattimore, Presiding; assisted by Assistant National Mother Maylis G. Harrison, Assistant National Mother Lori Screen, officers and members of the National Women’s Department, and the entire COCWIH community; Diocese Mother Carolyn Falconer is convention coordinator

  • All worship services will be held at COCWIH Headquarter’s Church on Blackwell Street

  • The Convention’s theme: “Let’s have Church”

  • Morning Manna services with begin promptly @ 9:00 AM with Presiding Prelate Bishop Willie J. Jones, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; all attendees are expected to attend Morning Manna with praying, praising, and preaching

  • Morning worship services will begin at 10:00 AM; evening worship services will begin at 7:30 PM; platform preaching in the morning; one preacher at night, National Mother will deliver her keynote address on Friday night

  • Asking all program participants to please be on time; expect program adjustments as situations arise

  • If you have not made your hotel reservations, please go ahead and do so, a list of hotels were shared and NO to a rooming block for COCWIH

  • If you have not completed and mailed your registration forms, please mail forms and payments no later than Tuesday, July 5, 2022 to insure reception in a timely manner. DO NOT mail any registration forms or payments after July 5th. Just bring with you

  • Registration will be available on site; registration form was shared via email; registration includes a souvenir bag and is available as long as supplies last

  • All churches are required to submit a $100 church report, this is standard for the National Women’s Convention. If mailing church reports, please mail by Tuesday, July 5, 2022. DO NOT mail any church report after this date, but bring with you. Again, church reports and send-go offerings can be turned in on site

  • Pastors, if your church will not be in attendance, please send-go your church report and offerings; the convention needs spiritual, numerical, and financial support

  • Due to the safety and concern for attendees, face coverings are required and all attendees are expected to follow any protocol put in place by the Church of Christ Written In Heaven along with CDC guidelines

  • Right now, giving platforms are traditional and through a digital app; announcements will be made during the worship services concerning offerings (e.g. march around the tables, passing baskets, cash app, and/or Givelify). Asking attendees to comply with any and all giving procedures; all checks are payable to COCWIH

  • We have a pool of program participants throughout the national church and we want all to come expecting a mighty move of God; set musicians, praise teams, and choir will be in place for the duration of the convention

  • Color for Friday day is white with purple accessories, Friday night is ALL white; however, come even if you don’t have white

  • Samaritan Daughters, please come dressed in your uniform for Friday night worship service and expect to render a selection

  • Workshop/Seminar will be held on Thursday morning with Dr. Elmira Davis facilitating; we have a guest presenter

  • Vendor slot for two and must sign a contract along with vendor fee. Space is limited so the convention can only accommodate two

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