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Tallahassee Diocese Mother

Dr. Elmira Davis


Greetings From Diocese Mother Elmira P. Davis
Precious Greetings in The Name of Jesus!
MUCH LOVE to each of you as we honor God, the ecclesiastical staff, diocese officials and the entire body of Christ…..both male and female!! Special thanks to each of you.
As a diocese, we are commissioned to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION and the GREAT COMMANDMENT.
Let us continually give thanks to our Savior for empowering us with His Holy Spirit to help us with this divine assignment. We must also pray for His strength to survive the storms of life and finish STRONG!
This divine strength is indeed multiplied during our corporate worship experiences. During these services, we look forward to the united fellowship and the presence of the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.
As Diocese Mother of the Tallahassee Diocese, I encourage each of you to press in, press forth and press on.
In spite of our trials and difficulties, we KNOW that in the END, we are going to WIN!!!!!!!!!
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